Dr. Lax’s Availability Scheduling an Appointment

appointment, mental health, psychologist, medicaid, medicare, phone, consultation, video conferenceAt this time Dr. Lax currently has availability for video conferencing, also known as teletherapy.


This practice accepts private pay, most insurance plans, and Medicare and Medicaid cover teletherapy. Please click here to see all of the insurance plans that Dr. Lax is currently considered ‘in-network.’

New Patients

Dr. Lax likes to always do an initial phone call with all new patients, prior to scheduling the first appointment. This allows him to understand your needs better and for you to get a understand his methods of treatment. He will schedule an appointment while you are on the phone.

Current Patients of Records

If you are a current patient, you can call him directly and leave a voicemail at 866.237.9930. You can still fill out the form below to explain why you need an appointment, but it is not necessary.

SPECIAL NOTE: Dr. Lax is in solo practice and as such may not always be available to return calls or emails, immediately.  If you need immediate help that is a life-threatening emergency then you need to call the Police, 911, or go to the Local Emergency Room

More Information

Whether you are a new or current patient, please list two or three different dates and times when you will be available to have a private phone conversation or appointment.  Dr. Lax sometimes has availability in the early evening hours to talk with potential new clients, so please explain that if that is the only time you can talk with him.

Dr. Lax does video conferencing with established patients. If you are a patient of record, please explain you would like a video conference call.

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